I was graduated by the Politechnic Institute of Bucharest, Electrical Engineering dpt. in the year 1968, and received doctoral degree in Power Systems - PS in 1980 with a thesis that proposed structural-, functional- and temporal- unbudled models for the large - scale electric PS. I have followed a 2 months AIEA specialization in France at the Institute for Nuclear Technology - Saclay (1980) in relation to 'integration of nuclear power plants within a national energy plan', and a 2 weeks USEA - sponsored course on 'public utilities regulation' at Gainsville - Florida, USA (1999).

I am director, senior energy consultant & researcher with ROENP INIT (ROENP), a limited liability company that was established in the year 2005. Consultancy services and R&D projects in the area of electric power are the main activities of ROENP.
In between January 2010 and December 2012, ROENP was a member of international consortium which was awarded the "South - East European TSO Challenges" R&D project that received EC - FP7 research funding.

I have started my professional career in 1968 as a power sytem researcher with Energy Research and Modernizing Institute - ICEMENERG, and reached the highest research degree in 1994. Between 1976 and 1986 I was the head of ICEMENERG's Power Systems research laboratory.

The following models and methods could be taken as my relevant R&D contributions of the period, in the field of PS operation and control:  determination the normal and optimal PS load - flows; assessment of PS steady-state and transient stability, including mid- and long- term dynamics simulations. On the basis of them, I've developed production software that was used for decades by the National Power Control Center - DEN, and for PS development purposes as well: NERA (load flows), RETRA (short-term transient stability), TEMI (mid-term transient stability), LOTDYS.R (long-term transient stability), SAMI (steady-state PS stability). I have also studied the National Power System - NPS operation under severe power deficit and proposed a number of remedies.
In 1986, I was detached to the National Council for Science and Technology - CNST, and co-ordinated energy R&D programs.

In 1990, after dissolve of CNST, as inspector general in energy I've initiated and prepared substantiation of the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation - ARCE. In the second half of the year, I headed operational planing of NPS, and in 1991 I served as adviser to the CEO of RENEL, the national integrated power company at that time. In 1992, I successfully challenged the CEO position of ICEMENERG. Since 1997, I have co-ordinated the newly born Committee for Strategy and Reform - CSR of RENEL, and proposed the restructuring strategy of Romania's power industry, which has been approved by the government.

My post-1990 relevant contributions in the area of PS and electric market functionality could be summarised as follows: a theory of unbundling PS models and services, methods for calculation power transmission rates and transmission capacity, an electric market design based on 'entry - exit' access to the power transmission system. I have identified technical and operational improvements in NPS, as well.

Since March 1999, I have built up the National Energy Regulatory Authority - ANRE, as the first president, and contributed to the electricity legislation and electric market design in my country. I have faced up the same challenge to setting up Transelectrica, the national power transmission company, since August 2000. As its acting director, I have launched a significant number of investment projects while managing the process of interconnection of NPS to the UCTE system. During my mandate, almost all investment projects have been carried out under their initial contractual terms. In mid- 2004, I was again appointed as president of ANRE and, till February 2005, ensured a thoroughly revision of the regulatory system, including the power transmission and market Codes.

I was a founding member and secretary general of Romanian National Committee to the World Energy Council - WEC (1993 - 1998), whereas during 1995 - 1998 I was chairing the WEC's Working Group for the East and South - East Europe. I was several times a member of CIGRE Study Committees in the area of PS operation and control, including C2. During the period 1993 - 2000, I have chaired the Energy Commission by the Ministry of Research and Technology.

After my departure from ANRE, I was appointed as Chief of Party to the Romanian Energy Program, Phase III (REP 3) sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development - USAID, on behalf of International Resources Group - IRG, Washington DC. During September 2005 - July 2007, REP 3 has supported reforms in the Romanian energy sector by developing a social safety net program, and solutions for a reasonable competitive energy market, with a view to meeting EU requirements and attracting investment.

In between September 2007 and December 2008 I have been employed in the USAID's Regional (South - East Europe) Energy Security and Market Development project, as Senior Electricity Market Regulatory and Monitoring Advisor with IRG. I have been working with regulatory agencies and Transmission System Operators in the region on the design and operation of competitive electricity markets.

Since 2011, I was involved in the World Bank's projects regarding (i) Functional Review of the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment (energy function), (ii) technical assitance to the energy regulator ANRE of the Moldova Republic, (iii) advise on Romanian PS development plan and related issues. I have also provided technical assistance for Albanian transmission system operator (OST), a project that was sponsored by the USAID.

Since February 2005 till March 2011, I was the president of Romanian Institute for Energy Development Studies - IRE association, and president of editorial board of the Energetica magazine. IRE is representing Romania's power industry to EURELECTRIC.

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