(ROENP on short)

Basic organization data:
Legal form : SRL
VAT Number : RO18174190  / 11.29.2005
Registration Number : J40 / 20103 / 11.29.2005
Registration authority : Commerce Register of Romania
NACE Code : R&D on natural sciences and engineering

Participant Identification Code (PIC) to EC-R&D projects: 996615928

ROENP is an Editor, registered by the Romanian National Library, the National ISBN Center (No. 329 / 07.03.2011).

Legal Address:
Street: Ioan Caragea Voda, No. 18
City: Bucharest, sector 1, Romania
Postal Code: 010537
Fax: (4021)211-2737
Phone: (4021)210-4863

ROENP is a registered trade mark according to the Registration Certificate issued by the State Office for Inventions and Trade Marks (OSIM) No. 113601 / 14.10.2010.

Business areas of interest:

Relevant references:
1. ROENP was initially meant to support the USAID's Romanian Energy Program, Phase III (REP 3), contracted by INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES GROUP, Ltd. - IRG. ROENP was an IRG subcontractor to the REP 3 while its founder, Jean Constantinescu, was chief of party to the REP 3. REP 3 has supported reforms in the Romanian energy sector by developing a social safety net program, and improving systems and agencies that monitor the energy markets, for a reasonable competitive energy market, with a view to meeting EU requirements and attracting investment.

2. In between Oct. 2007 - Dec. 2008, Jean Constantinescu with ROENP works under the frame of USAID's E&E Regional Energy Security and Market Development project for South - East Europe. He had to assist government officials,  regulatory agencies and transmission system operators in the region to harmonize their laws, regulations, reporting practices and market rules in view of complying to the Energy Community requirements.

3. In the year 2010, ROENP was a partner of Societatea Academica Romana (SAR) to a project for the assessment of Romanian energy regulatory framework aiming at enhancing the transparency and accountability of the energy policy and regulation in Romania. The project was financed by the Partnership for Transparency Fund (

4. In 2011, Jean Constantinescu with ROENP worked as short term consultant to the staff of the World Bank for two assignments with the energy, namely:

5. ROENP is a member of international consortium to the R & D project "South - East European TSOs Challenges" (SEETSOC) that received financing from the Framework Program 7 (FP7) of the European Union for the period 2010 - 2012. The consortium is developing a unitary platform for safe and efficient power systems and a regional electricity market as well in South - East Europe. ROENP is a task responsible for: (i) Regional Balancing Mechanism, and (ii) Monitoring electricity transmission in the open access environment.