A Regional power Balancing Mechanism (RBM)

Reporting J. Constantinescu

The developed RBM methodology and computer code is showcased in the SEETSOC's website as Task T5.1.

SEETSOC (South-East European Transmission System Operator Challenge) is a FP7 funded EC project commenced on January 2010 and scheduled for completion at the end of 2012. The project involves 15 partners from 7 countries. The Task T5.1 was coordinated by ROENP while the computer code was carried out by UPB - Romania.

A national balancing mechanism is an unavoidable market instrument for the TSO's dispatching service for solving the power imbalances and network constraints in the TSO's control area.

During operations, and particularly at the execution of power exchange schedules, the TSOs can take advantage of balance energy purchased on a regional market for balance energy (BE). The RBM Software was developed as a RBM tool with the goal to facilitating BE exchanges among the South East Europe TSOs.
The market is cleared at the MCP, separately for up- and down-ward regulation. All market participants will receive the same MCP that is not influenced by transmission congestion, since the CB transmission capacity is allocated free of charge. The clearing mechanism is based on the merit order with multiple sellers and buyers. After transactions' execution, in each transaction interval the BE value equals the total imbalance payment.

Keywords: regional balancing mechanism; power system; TSO operations; regional TSO; electricity exchanges; interconnection; balance energy; transmission congestion; electricity market; SEE market; market clearing price; merit order; imbalance price.